Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie. ~Jim Davis

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In transition

After four years of certainty about what I want to happen in my life in the near future seem to lose its effectivity now that I am exposed to the grill where knowledge is required to be applied. In all honesty, I am very uncertain and unsure of what will I become for the nearing next five years of this existence. Yes, I want to be successful, I am there, I know what my generic goals are but the problem that rose from the passing of time is how. How will be able to land myself from that glorifying end? Of course it entails hard work, patience and perseverance. With all these vital ingredients known and amalgam of it will surely direct you to that goal. Be assured that you will struggle and you will encounter two-handed and two-legged crabs who will block all possible ways for you to get there. Hope and pray, believe in His powers and His goodness and surely you will walk long and you will have more than what is adequate. 

Believe in the powers of your beautiful dreams and be tireless in doing everything to make it come true! I so love dreamers like me!☺

The biggest trick you will ever find in this world is that; your bestfriend and your worst enemy was nothing but yourself

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Modern Politics (2010 elections)

  1. Can you guys give some names of those senatoriables who rightfully bid for the senate position?